About PEWS

PEWS is a unique section in the American Sociological Association. The Section's emphasis is on the relationship between local and global social, economic, and political processes, whether of historical or contemporary significance. Some research topics investigated by PEWS sociologists include:

  • Third World development
  • Global restructuring of production in manufacturing, service, and agricultural sectors
  • Household dynamics and survival strategies, including gender, race, and class issues
  • Global environmental problems
  • Local political and cultural resistance
  • New social movements
  • Global expansion
  • Incorporation of new areas and new peoples
  • Global networks
  • Prehistoric and premodern world-systems
  • Urban patterns on a global scale
  • Relations between formal and informal labor markets
  • Transnational corporations
  • State formation and state system dynamics
  • Socialist states in the world economy

Each spring PEWS sponsors a conference separate from the ASA meetings and publishes a book of proceedings from the conference.